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Fire Safety Training Course for Indochina Junk’S Fleet

On Sept 18 2018, Indochina Junk JSC (Oriental Lotus Travel Group) has worked with the Department of Fire and Rescue Police of Quang Ninh province to conduct an in house training about fire safety for all captains, chief engineers and crews on 15 boats of Indochina Junk Company. The training program was held during the morning combined with a fire evacuation rehearsal with detail procedure onboard.

The fire incident occurred in the second-floor cabin and the bow area of the boat. At the time of fire, the smoke detector and fire alarms worked to announce all the crew members and passengers onboard.  . Immediately the captain, crew members and customers wore life jackets, evacuated according to the escape plan and guidance of the crew. There are some passengers wearing life jackets jump into the sea and need to be rescued. Mobile fire extinguishers are used to extinguish fires and limit the impact of fire.

A few minutes after the fire occurred, there were two boats of Fire and Rescue Police Department of Quang Ninh province reached the boat then extinguished the fire. A boat use a large nozzle to put out  the fire on the ship. At the same time, a rescue boat was also mobilized to reach the passengers safely. At the end of the rehearsal, all the crew members and police officers participated in the firefighting took part in a meeting to work out the results and draw some lessons.

The fire evacuation rehearsal is a valuable opportunity for all crew members of the Indochina Junk Company to understand, observe and experience possible situations and how to respond when there is such a situation. The most important thing is to raise awareness about the importance of fire prevention in the boat operation and delivering service onboard.