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Replace single-use plastic bottles with glass bottles on Indochina Junk tours

We are proud and excited to inform that as of this September, we will stop using plastic water bottles on all Indochina Junk tours! We have been working hard on reducing plastic wastes in our “For A Green Halong Bay” campaign and are thrilled to share this latest announcement.

Every guest travelling with Indochina Junk will receive an empty glass bottles after checking in on the luxury van heading to Halong Bay on departure date. You can keep and use it throughout your trip with us.

Those refillable glass bottles are our small gifts to you, and it is a big step of Indochina Junk on the environmental protection journey. Water refill stations are also available at every destination in the itinerary: at the half-way stop-off points, at Halong International Cruise Port, on our boats, and in Yen Duc Village on the way back from the cruise. You can fill up your bottle with clean drinking water for FREE.

We have also removed plastic bottles from our cabins onboard and luxury van transfers. These can be reusable and eventually recycled.  FYI, glass bottles and jars are 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without any loss in purity or quality.

We hope to reduce plastic consumption, and this would lead to a more intentional and eco-friendly lifestyle and at the same time, support local communities in plastic reduction. Our goal is to reduce the amount of single-use plastic unnecessarily wasted throughout your trip with us. Thanks for traveling with us and enjoy your trip with our glass bottles!

For about eight months now, we have been using reusable glass straws on all drinks and cocktails served in our cruises. Our guests have been very supportive, and we have received fantastic feedback on this project. These feedbacks strives us towards further improvements in sustainability.

What other solutions do you think can be implemented? Please share and join us now!