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Indochina Junk

Indochina Junk Halong logo

Indochina Junk is one of the best known-operators in Halong Bay. Our first ship was a single-cabin cruiser that set sail in 2005. Today, the line has grown to 12 luxury boutique ships, renowned for their unique design, wide range of recreational activities, and exceptional customer service.  We carry more than 200 customers every day to discover the marvelous beauty of Halong Bay. Our endless effort to bring excellent service is paid off by the recognition from customers as the brand Indochina Junk is rewarded with a “Certificate of Excellence” from TripAdvisor.

Wooden Boats

Dragon Legend Cruise

Dragon Legend Cruise logo

Two 5-star luxury cruise ships were launched in 2014 with 24 luxury cabins on each cruiser. The ships are the pride of Oriental Lotus Group with the desire to bring the best experience, inherited from the success of the wooden ship fleet many years ago. As well as the wooden fleet, the design of the Dragon Legend cruisers are inspired by Vietnamese culture and blend seamlessly with the modern facilities for customers’ comfort. On the journey to discover Bai Tu Long Bay, Dragon Legend will bring to visitors an unforgettable experience.


Yen Duc Village Tour

Yen Duc Village Tour logo

The community-based tourism program launched in 2011 has contributed significantly to the local people and communities. A Vietnamese village rich in identity with a long tradition has been introduced widely to domestic and international tourists, thereby promoting cultural and spiritual values, bringing many positive benefits and contributing to the increase of income for the people. From the program, more than 60 people have become professional travel workers, welcoming customers to explore the life of people in their forgotten village.

Home-stays (7 Rooms)
Villas (4 Rooms)

Oriental Lotus Restaurant

Oriental Lotus Restaurant logo

In 2017, the Oriental Lotus restaurant was opened, becoming a prestigious food destination, increasing the diversity of tourism products in Quang Ninh province. The buffet at Oriental Lotus restaurant is unique, styled as a fishing village with many traditional cultures. The restaurant is located on the shores of Halong Bay. The buffet has more than 150 special dishes, bringing a nique culinary experience to local and international visitors. In time, the restaurant system will be expanded, diversified in culinary style, becoming the leading food destination in Quang Ninh province.

Oriental Lotus Travel

Oriental Lotus Travel logo

Oriental Lotus Travel is a prestigious agency providing inbound travel packages in Vietnam and other countries in the Indochina area. With 15 years of serving international travelers and enthusiastic and responsible staff, Oriental Lotus Travel is committed to providing our customers with an unforgettable experience. The products that the center is developing also focus on sustainable tourism, increase the experience of visitors along with improving local people’s lives and promoting the traditional culture.

Happy Car (Eco-Friendly Electric Car)

Oriental Lotus Halong logo

The environmentally friendly electronic car system launched in 2015 has made an important contribution to the tourism inland along the Ha Long Bay. 27 electric vehicles bring a message of environmental protection to visitors and local people. The usage of such transportation minimizes damage to life. Moreover, this is also a product that tourists are very fond of and find convenient to use to travel to tourist destinations in the city, that serves the needs of special customers at peak times in the resort, and all with affordable pricing and attentive service.

Electric Cars

Xe Luxury

Xe Luxury logo

XELUXURY transportation center was established in 2017 based on the fleet of transit cars for visitors who traveled with Oriental Lotus Group. XELUXURY provides transportation services for domestic and international tourists to explore destinations in Vietnam. With a priority of luxury service, a team of experienced drivers and a dedicated attitude to the customers, XELUXURY orientation soon became the number one provider of travel transportation services in Vietnam with a variety of products satisfying the needs of customers.

Limousine Vans