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Our Story

Our story started in 2002 with a team of more than ten people. 15 years later, Oriental Lotus Group has become a leading travel company in Halong Bay; the corporation has contributed significantly to the tourism and development of Quang Ninh Province and is the top tourism organization in the area. Currently, Oriental Lotus Group has a fleet of 14 high standard cruise ships; and the enterprise has also invested in other businesses including inbound travel agency, luxury transportation services, electric vehicles, and many community-based tourism projects.


Over the past 15 years, we have consistently performed the mission of “Action to bring the best, most sustainable benefits to the ENVIRONMENT, COMMUNITY, CUSTOMERS, PARTNERS and COMPANY MEMBERS.

Core Values

We always keep the spirit of working with passion and desire to build a responsible business, share the benefits with the environment, community, customers and members in the collective. It is this spirit that is the highest commitment for all the projects the company has implemented.

We value innovation and dedication in our work, and always encourage and motivate the whole team in that spirit.

We always build the spirit of solidarity, and promote a cooperative culture so that the members work together as a family, sharing with and supporting each other.


In the upcoming years, Oriental Lotus Group will continue to strive to be the number one tourism company in Vietnam, providing a diverse range of high-quality tourism products and services with clear commitments to customers, business partners, and the community. We continue with the mission of responsible tourism, building community-based tourism products, contributing to environmental protection and sharing the benefits with society.


Oriental Lotus Group has more than 400 employees, who have different backgrounds but work with the same spirit of solidarity, always ready to support each other and dedicate themselves to their work and customers. At Oriental Lotus Group, from the top-level management to the staff, we all value individual effort, encourage our people to develop leadership skills, and get inspired from our colleges. We always try to create the best customer experience and always put our utmost care into our work.

  • > 400 staffs
  • 9 working centers and company members

Responsible Travel

The highest goal of Oriental Lotus Group is to develop business sustainably and support the development of other responsible tourism projects.

Since 2007, together with our partners and local authorities, have initiated and developed the “FOR A GREEN HA LONG BAY” program with many practical projects contributing to protect the environment in Halong Bay and improve the living standard of people who live in floating villages. Up to now, the program has been maintained steadily and actively participated by customers, leaving a good impression and increasing awareness of environment protection, and community building.

In 2011, we started a community-based project in Yen Duc village. The project created jobs for local people and brought both monetary and non-monetary values to the village. At present, the project has become a tourist destination known to domestic and international tourists, and is a highlight of responsible tourist destinations, bringing a unique cultural tourism experience for visitors.

Other community projects and tourism products invested and implemented by the company include eco-friendly electric cars, experience local life tours for children and many other annual events.

We have been awarded the “Travelife Partner” certificate by Travelife organization for businesses that have contributed and practiced sustainable business activities to environmental protection.

  • 5 completed projects
  • 4 ongoing projects